Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kaiser Design Team Search

This is the beautiful butterfly book from Kaisercraft. I have never entered any kind of scrapbooking contest before, but this cute butterfly book from Kaisercraft inspired me. I used Kaisercraft paper, paint, jewels, pearls and my signature--glitter on every page. I took these pictures of my nieces last spring at the park. Carrie and Shelly are so beautiful and this book was perfect for displaying their pictures. These pictures were taken on our cruise to the Virgin Islands. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sunset over the ocean. I was so excited when I saw this paper line from Kaisercraft because it makes my pictures pop. I used Kaisercraft paper, wood accents, pearls, and my signature glitter along with a little ribbon. I know it makes you wish you were there---me too!!!

This picture was taken on my first visit to Tulsa when Teresa, my best friend, moved here. I came to visit and we went to the zoo. I always find a way too make a silly photo. I know people think I am crazy when I take pictures in odd places, or with stuffed snakes, but I can't help myself. I like to make things fun and memorable--after all isn't that what life is all about? So, laugh at me or with me but whatever you do, just laugh.
When I saw this paper from Kaisercraft, I had a fit! It is so bright and colorful. It matched my picture perfectly and I couldn't wait to use it! Everything used on this layout is from Kaisercraft except for my signature--glitter.